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Another Lesbian Hate Crime Hoax

What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling down and blue? Well, if you’re a sorry-assed, attention-seeking sad sack lesbian wasting away her young life at one of America’s Left-wing universities, your quick fix formula to guaranteed friends and fame is simply to play the gay hate crime game. Continue reading

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Multicultural ‘Feminists’: Apologists for Violence

When Rumana Manzur was attacked by her husband in their home last month in the town of Dhaka in Bangladesh, there was an international outcry over this homegrown act of violence. What made this particular incident of spousal assault such a global cause célèbre was the outrageous brutality inflicted upon this poor woman. Rumana Manzur’s husband gouged out her eyes, bit off part of her nose, and beat her so badly that she is currently unable to walk. Continue reading

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