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The Thanksgiving Trick: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner

Ding-Dong! The Illegal Freeloaders Are Here! Continue reading

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Obama’s Dream Act: The Desperately Seeking Reelection Executive Latino Pandering Order

In solidarity with Obama’s glad-handing extension of American rights and privileges to all those undocumented Democrat voters taking up college classroom seats and competing for ever-diminishing job prospects in our economic market, let us pledge our fealty to politically correct chaos and open our hearts to hoards of uneducated, non-English speaking Mexicans crossing our borders illegally to gain a better life that only America can provide while disrespecting our country’s laws, mocking our traditions, and refusing to speak our language. All Rise! Continue reading

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Taco Takeout and Illegal Immigrants

After being forced to fire hundreds of their employees in the state of Minnesota after these workers failed to pass the legally required employment eligibility verification check, Chipotle Mexican Grille is now facing additional immigration audits of their fast food chain in Virginia and Washington DC. Continue reading

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The Kowtow Rodeo: Gays and the Arizona Boycott

You might ask just what gay and lesbian rights have to do with the political battle over illegal immigration in the state of Arizona and that would indeed be a very intelligent and perceptive question on your part. Continue reading

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