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Deaf Interpreter Out-Performs Bloomberg

What! No signing in Spanish for the one and only non-English speaking deaf person in the New York metropolitan area??? What a diversity travesty! But I’m sure the progressive wonder boy will quickly remedy this awful dilemma by adding another Bloomberg bureaucrat to the city’s payroll. Continue reading

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Live Blogging Hurricane Sandy—From the Philly Suburbs

Live Blogging Hurricane Sandy from the Western Suburbs of Philadelphia. Why? Because I have lots of time on my hands. So if you too have nothing better to do, stop on by for the occasional update. And hopefully, all these updates will be boring, uninteresting, and without event. Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy: Our Halloween Trick

A Hurricane at Halloween. Now that’s what I call a real underhanded prank from our unpredictable Mother Nature—the old girl didn’t even give us the trick-or-treat choice! And of course, Big Sandy is supposed to make a hard left turn and head straight for South Jersey and Philadelphia, full speed in my direction. Oh boy, can’t wait. Continue reading

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