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Hurricane Irene: Man-Made Hype

Despite the 24-hour full force coverage of what was billed as one of the most deadly, once-in-a-lifetime tragical events ever to hit the Delaware Valley, Hurricane Irene, a Category 1, repeat, a Category ONE hurricane has caused no major power outages, no overturned cars, no real property damage, no mass destruction, and thankfully, no deaths. But despite the obvious fact that this over-hyped man-made weather extravaganza has failed to deliver on its doomsday pronouncements, the overpaid Talking Headaches here in the Philadelphia metro area continue with the disaster deception. Continue reading

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Awaiting Hurricane Irene

It is now 7:30 PM on Saturday and the citizens of the Philadelphia metropolitan area are awaiting the howling winds and torrential rains of Hurricane Irene. There is also a tornado warning for Kent and Sussex counties down in the state of Delaware adding to the already tight tensions of this wild weekend evening. And with all the super hyper media coverage playing non-stop over the local airwaves, it surely seems that Armageddon is heading our way. Continue reading

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