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NOW Starts ‘Enough Rush’ Campaign

The National Organization for Womyn is desperately in need of money. Even as their membership continues to shrivel unto divisive Democrat dust, and even as their political and social influence continues to fade into that jaded sunset of a previous generation’s glory days, the NOW crowd is desperately seeking a lot of cash and credit. Yes, the gilded groupies of Bill Clinton’s Crotch Chronicles are groveling for some big time booty. Continue reading

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Alec Baldwin: Middle Aged Brat

I guess if you’re a Hollywood STAR you just don’t have to follow all those mundane rules and regulations that the rest of us peasants are expected to obey. Certainly, Mr. Alec Baldwin, actor and Huffington Post commentator, seems to think that he’s been graced with special honorific privileges even when he’s traveling as a passenger on a crowded airplane. Continue reading

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Waiting for ‘Superman’: A Huffington Post Hit

Where is the last place that you would expect to see a thumbs-up review of the controversial documentary film, Waiting for ‘Superman’? Continue reading

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