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Happy Mother’s Day from Barack Obama

Happy Mother’s Day to our next First Lady. Continue reading

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Moms Drive the Economy Bumper Sticker

The Romney for President Campaign is making political hay out of the Hilary Rosen rout and the Democrats Stay-at-Home Moms mess. For a $6.00 donation to the campaign, you get the Moms Drive the Economy bumper sticker. So click on the link and help support our Republican candidate. And at the same time you’ll be showing a little genuine public solidarity with Work-at-Home Mothers. Continue reading

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Stay-at-Home Moms: The Democrats’ Dingbats

According to the Democrat Party, Stay-at-Home Moms are the Edith Bunkers of women-kind, silly out-of-touch Dingbats who should just shut up and make sandwiches for the big grown-up broads. Well, after the media firestorm surrounding Rosen’s remarks, it would appear that the real Dingbats in the room here ain’t the Ann Romneys of the world. Ah, the sweet sounds of sisterhood emanating from all that Hope and Change. Continue reading

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The Real War on Women: Dems Going After Stay-at-Home Moms

If you would like to know what Democrats really think about women who choose to focus their life’s energies on raising their children, here is a good glimpse of the glaring contempt these Lefties have for stay-at-home Moms. Continue reading

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