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Matthew Shepard Murder—Not a Hate Crime After All

The Gay Hate Crime Industry has been hitting more than a few bum-busting chuckholes of late as it steamrolls its way along that pricey 5th Avenue of incorporated, six-figure salary-making non-profit potboilers. From one manufactured fraud to another, the Gay Hate Hustlers have had their tatty victim-hood credentials soiled and sullied by an embarrassing array of gay hate hoaxes. And now it would appear that the very icon of gay victim-hood, the poster boy for martyred homoerotic innocence, will be unmasked as just another sordid casualty of his own criminal lifestyle.
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Gay Man Fakes Hate Crime—Another Phony Homo Hero

It’s the long hot summer of gay victim hysteria. And the hate crime hustle that goes hand-in-hand with the homosexual hyperbole is certainly all the rage this self-serving season. Continue reading

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Another Lesbian Hate Crime Hoax

What’s a girl to do when she’s feeling down and blue? Well, if you’re a sorry-assed, attention-seeking sad sack lesbian wasting away her young life at one of America’s Left-wing universities, your quick fix formula to guaranteed friends and fame is simply to play the gay hate crime game. Continue reading

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