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Elizabeth Warren Sings ‘I’m an Indian Too’—Voice Over by Ethel Merman

♬ And I’ll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats, which will go to prove—I’m an Indian too! ♬
Ethel Merman from Annie Get Your Gun belts out Lizzie Light Skin’s theme song. I am so enjoying this senatorial farce getting played out in that Kennedy compound of politically progressive Massachusetts. Looking so like a ludicrously lame liar, the ditzy Democrat dame with the semi-lousy law degree from Rutgers U wants America to believe she never relied on an affirmative action cheat sheet to gain her appointment at Harvard. Continue reading

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Understanding Obama: Now a Credit Course at Harvard

Ah, the academic dumb-down courses these institutions of ‘higher’ learning attempt to foist on their student body these days. An Ivy League education in the 21st century seems nothing more than a total immersion in Marxist mumbo-jumbo rather than a true exploratory journey of the intellect. Sort of like an ultra expensive secular bible school for the progressive true believer. And coming up in the Spring of 2013, Harvard University is offering up a new load of Lefty dogma do-do to round out their ever-expanding core curriculum of social justice sophistry. Continue reading

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