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Flipping America the Bird, British Style

Apparently, if you’re a British diplomat serving in the United States and feeling a bit overshadowed by your bigger and better ally, you simply bake a creepy cake celebrating the destruction of your hated friend’s capitol building and then tweet a commemorative photograph of this governmental goodie to all and sundry. Just a little Monty Python humor to shore-up those flagging members of the British diplomatic corps. Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink. Continue reading

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Range War in Nevada: The Feds Go Ferocious

Here’s a glimpse of what’s going on in Nevada at the ranch of Mister Cliven Bundy and on the grazing lands his ancestors have used for their cattle long before any federal Bureau of Land Management was created. This is what occurred as the BLM started confiscating Bundy’s cattle. Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Brings Amazing America to Life

She’s Back! Sarah Palin returns to reality TV to host a brand new program entitled Amazing America. Premiering on Thursday, April 3rd on the Sportsman Channel, the Mamma Grizzly of the conservative movement will be on hand to show what manly men and womanly women like to do in their spare time. The show is slotted for 8 PM, so not to worry, the Pajama Boys should be tucked into beddy-bye by then and won’t get scared by the sight of those big burly brutes and those gun-toting gals. Mommy will leave the light on. Continue reading

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Secret Agenda of Democrat National Convention Revealed!

2012 Democrat National Convention Schedule of Events: 7:00 pm–Opening Flag Burning; 7:15 pm–Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations; 7:20 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Barack Obama; 7:25 pm–Opening Prayer given by Reverend Jeremiah Wright; 7:45 pm–Ceremonial Tree Hugging led by Darryl Hannah; 7:55 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Darryl Hannah; 8:00 pm–Global Warming OMFG!!!!!!!!! – Al Gore
Continue reading

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Catering to the Crazies: The Muslim Mollification Agenda

As the US military tip-toes its way through the barren hills of Afghanistan on its pointless mission of pacification and go nowhere goals, there is an increasing interest here at home in piling on the appeasement for 7th century sensibilities. Continue reading

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