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Ground Zero: Fault Line Between Islam and the West

Andrew McCarthy’s article in the New York Post on Thursday presented a scathingly concise analysis of the political and cultural chasm dividing the American progressive elite and the overwhelming majority of American citizens. Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mosque: Those Useful Idiots Strike Again

The controversy over the Ground Zero mosque couldn’t have happened at a better time. The fact that this obscene mega gesture of contempt for the American people, our way of life, and for the true martyrs who were butchered on September 11, 2001, is finding support from liberal lunatics is one of the best bits of political good luck for the conservative cause this summer. Continue reading

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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Let’s Hear it for the Men

Since our culture has set aside no calendar month to honor the stunning accomplishments and sacrifices of our belittled, besmirched, and bemoaned male of the species, I thought it only fitting to cap off Women’s History Month with a little contextual reality. Continue reading

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