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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Happy Thanksgiving to all those patriots who have sorrowed and stressed through depressing years of an un-American captivity. Be of good cheer, my sisters and brothers. I know it’s traumatic to be led out of the evil bondage of Egypt only to discover we haven’t instantly arrived at the Promise Land of Milk and Honey. What a shock to the ever-yeaning conservative spirit when it encounters yet more struggles and strains as it wends its way through an uncharted political Wilderness. And how easily the tired and troubled mind swiftly turns to a grumbling and complaining humor. But try not to savage our Moses, the chosen champion who’s leading the way, at least not until Inauguration Day. Continue reading

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Prager University: Happiness 101

Gratitude is a discarded value in today’s give me more and give it to me now entitlement society. But as Dennis Prager points out in this five-minute classic classroom module, gratitude is the essential key to having all that happiness hoopla that so many hanker for. Continue reading

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