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The Donald: The Ultimate Fear Factor

Nothing quite says Holy Crisis, Batman! for the Republican Party than the loud, rough, and braggadocious voice of Donald Trump. Speaking in tones not attuned to the solemn and very middle-class meows of mellow non-threatening Establishment types, The Donald shocks and infuriates both the standard-issue GOP suits and the pristine elements within the Conservative movement. Continue reading

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GOP Wins, But Will it Deliver?

All eyes are now on Mitch McConnell, that daring dandy from the state of Kentucky, who supposedly will lead the Senate in its heroic charge against the Left-wing brigade of Barack Obama. Hmmm. Forgive me though if I find the image of Mitch-Is-Their-Bitch McConnell courageously slicing and dicing the Democrats a bit of a barely believable fantasy. But today is not the day for such speculations, although the Conservative Talking Heads are already piling on with the Doomsday doubts, the divisive despair, and the neutered negativity. Continue reading

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A Push for Civil Unions in Colorado

The issue of civil unions for same-sex couples is still alive and well in the state of Colorado and it’s getting a push from some important Republicans. Continue reading

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Lesbians and Gays Go GOP

A CNN exit poll from Tuesday’s mid-terms, shows that 31% of those voters who self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual had cast their ballot for Republican candidates. Continue reading

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