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Father Phil Comes Home to Duck Dynasty

A&E’s decision to ‘reinstate’ their biggest money-maker has made the little boys and the few token little girls at good old GLAAD very unhappy indeed. Having ridden the big surf of political correctness for years now and having successfully boogie-boarded across those seemingly endless waves of corporate cow-towing, GLAAD is now finding itself floundering in an acid drop of public froth and derision. Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty Rules!

America has spoken and Cracker Barrel, the gift shop and restaurant chain with a Southern theme, has listened. After yanking Duck Dynasty products from their store shelves in a knee-jerk reaction to the typical Gay Gestapo tactics, Cracker Barrel saw the monetary light. Their Tweeter feed this morning offered up the following announcement: Continue reading

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GLAAD-handing Defamation: The Ed Schultz Award

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has exhibited a very hypocritically one-sided approach in their quixotic quest for a slur-free society. For an organization that claims to be so concerned about every word and image that might reflect negatively on gays and lesbians, this outfit certainly has no problem applauding the defamation of those of us who choose not to run with the exceedingly illiberal progressive herd. Continue reading

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Gay Inc. Missing in Action

When Sarah Palin this past week gave the nod to the inclusion of GOProud at the annual CPAC gathering in Washington, DC, you’d have thought that every gay advocacy group in America might have deigned to notice and acknowledge this very eyebrow-raising event. Continue reading

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