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Germany Crushes Greece as Merkel Goes Mad

The Greek fans were looking to kick the Germans into the play pitch in a fit of angry payback for the austerity strings attached to the great big bailouts given to them by their more disciplined and financially feasible neighbor to the north. But instead of feasting on the fruits of sweet revenge, these less than Spartan sport fanatics were forced once again to eat Germanic humble pie. Continue reading

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Germans Say No to Greek Vacations

When it comes to vacationing in Greece, it seems that the average German tourist is looking elsewhere for his fun in the sun. Citizens living in the northern European country known for its hard work and thrift have decided that spending their well-earned Euros in the land of the layabouts is not the kind of relaxation investment they were looking for. Gee, I wonder why? Continue reading

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Germany: Multiculturalism is Dead

Well Holy Hallelujah! Finally a Head of State has stated the obvious! Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced today that the German experiment to build a multicultural society “has failed, utterly failed”. Continue reading

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Welfare State: Demographics And The Pampered Populace

For a great analysis of what the social welfare state has in store for us here in the USA, read Mark Steyn’s article in the Washington Post. A cut to the chase, in your face primer on the hard realities of the hand-out happy entitlement mentality. Continue reading

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