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Oakland Businessman Stops Occupy Mob with Shotgun

Let’s hear it for Phil Tagami and the Second Amendment! Mr. Tagami is an Oakland businessman whose company had managed the development and renovation of the Rotunda building in downtown Oakland. The recent renovation project cost his firm $50 million. So Phil Tagami had no intention of sitting by and watching his pride and joy destroyed by a bunch of pseudo-revolutionary layabouts. Continue reading

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Saffron Park: G K Chesterton on Progressivism

Although best known today as the author of the Father Brown mysteries and The Man Who Was Thursday, G. K. Chesterton was also a philosopher, journalist, religious apologist, poet, play write, and public debater. He was the master of the paradox and used it ofter to skewer the sloppy thinking of the so-called great minds of his day. Continue reading

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