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Katy Perry Taking Flak Over Military Music Video

Some loons on the liberal Left are urging a boycott of Katy Perry after she released her latest music video for her new hit single, Part of Me, that offers up a very positive Marine Corps motif. Specifically geared toward women serving in the military, Perry’s video gives a pro-Marine Oohrah! shout-out to all her female fans. But that go-get-em grunt energy is not sitting well with a lot of those double-talking toadies on the Left. Continue reading

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GOProud, Rick Perry, and Forcible Outing

There has been a bit of a brouhaha within conservative circles over the inadvertent outing of one of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign strategists by none other than GOProud, the gay conservative political organization. The Perry campaign released a political ad several days ago knocking the repeal of DADT, and in responding to the content of the ad, GOProud apparently mentioned to the media that a particular Perry strategist was gay. Since this strategist was closeted with regard to his sexual orientation, GOProud had effectively outed him. Many conservatives were upset at what they saw as a despicable act by GOProud and that included the influential alternative media maven, Andrew Breitbart. Continue reading

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and Don’t Change Just Yet

Senior Pentagon officials, in a strongly worded letter to the Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, have warned Congress not to tamper with the ban that prohibits gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military. Continue reading

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