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Gay Child Porno Perv Gets Plea Deal

Are we surprised that the San Francisco gay activist, Larry Brinkin, is getting off with a mild slap on the wrist after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography? Nope, not at all. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Brinkin pleaded guilty to one felony count of distributing child pornography as part of his plea deal with prosecutors. Continue reading

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Blow Jobbers Nabbed at Valley Forge Park

Today’s trip to Valley Forge Park proved a very eventful one as I found myself an eyewitness to a Park Service sting operation conducted at the Varnum’s Picnic Area located on Route 23. As my readers will remember from a previous post entitled Valley Forge Park and the Blow Job Jamboree, many of the parking areas and public restrooms at the VF national historic site have become infested with the skulking scum of anonymous sex-seekers searching for blow jobs and bum-butting services. The remains of their disgusting dalliances can be found in the woods, the parking lots, the bathrooms, and along the walking trails. Continue reading

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Gay Man Fakes Hate Crime—Another Phony Homo Hero

It’s the long hot summer of gay victim hysteria. And the hate crime hustle that goes hand-in-hand with the homosexual hyperbole is certainly all the rage this self-serving season. Continue reading

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Aborigines Tell the Left: We Are Not Museum Pieces

Down under in the vast open space that is Australia, there has been an ongoing controversy over the right of aboriginal people to develop their land. In the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the native people have successfully negotiated to have a gas plant built along a section of their shoreline. The plant will bring jobs, housing, schools, etc. for a total package worth $1.5 billion for the aborigines. Sounds like a great deal, but…. Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts Hold Their Ground—Good For Them!

Congratulations to the Boy Scouts of America for standing up to the vicious vendetta perpetrated by a bunch of gay goons and their media hit squad. It takes a special kind of courage to withstand the full force of a cultural tsunami hell-bent on crushing a successful non-profit membership organization. I support the BSA’s basic human right of freedom of association and I denounce the bully boy tactics that continue to be used against this great institution. Continue reading

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Brad Pitt’s Mom Gets Slammed for Daring to Voice Her Views

Oh, heaven’s above! A relative of a famous Hollywood celebrity dared to publicly voice an opinion that was pro-life and pro-traditional family. Well, we certainly can’t tolerate that! Time to roll out the bully boy tactics to smash this movie star’s mom to smithereens. Time for the hysterical Hate Hucksters to whip up yet another fomented fury by hurling a slew of genitally titillating slurs. Continue reading

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Brinkin Email Address Linked to Child Porn Website

A follow-up to the Larry Brinkin story, the great gay hero from San Francisco who was arrested for possession of child pornography……According to the San Francisco Police Department, Brinkin used the email address: zack3737@aol.com. If you Google this address and do a little searching, you’ll find that the owner of this email account liked to cruise an internet child porn site called Loliwood which specializes in sexual fantasy stories involving children and babies. Continue reading

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Gay Icon Arrested for Child Porn Depicting the Rape of Babies

Larry Brinkin, a big name in the gay community in that progressive enclave known as San Francisco, has been arrested for child pornography. Since the 1970s, Mr. Brinkin has been very active in all the politically correct circles in the Bay area, making a name for himself with women’s rights, civil rights, anti-war demonstrations, and all that gay liberation political paraphernalia. Good old gay Larry, that well-known, well-loved crusader for THE PEOPLE, who until 2010 was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, has been carted away in handcuffs for possession of photographs depicting the sodomizing of children and babies. But it gets even worse…. Continue reading

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Gay Gestapo, aka GLSEN, Bullies Rural Community

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is engaged in a hate campaign against a small rural community in Illinois. GLSEN, a gay indoctrination outreach non-profit headquartered out of New York, is richly funded by big corporate donors such as PepsiCo. It aggressively pushes a sexualized gay and transgender awareness program at harried school boards across the country, a program that includes materials aimed at pre-kindergarden kids. GLSEN is a highly politicized Left-leaning identify group linked to the National Education Association (teachers’ union) that seeks to use America’s public school systems to shove their distorted and fringe-freaking agenda at other people’s children. Continue reading

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The Rainbow Rattler

One of my readers had the great idea of turning the Rainbow Rattler design into a decal for her car. A fantastic way to fly the conservative lesbian and gay colors! So to that end, I’d like to make the rattler graphic more widely available to anyone who would like to use it for T-shirts, decals, or whatever other creative whim comes to mind. Continue reading

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The Green Lantern Goes Predictably Gay

Now that D.C. Comics has turned yet another beloved Super Hero into a mawkish minority mannikin, one has to wonder just what will be next on the culture reinvention horizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day soon we’re treated to even more bizarre comic caricatures of living caricatures of real life. Perhaps these two Super Silly Anti-Heroes of my own invention might be on tap for the very near future. You never know. For in the immortal words of Mick Jagger who was wont to sort of wail—It’s just a court order away! Continue reading

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Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement: Our 30 Pieces of Silver

Holy Hallelujah! Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, has come out in support of gay marriage! Oh ring out, ye church bells of cafeteria Christianity! Sing loudly, ye true believers of homosexual heaven right here on earth! For it ain’t every day that self-involved gays get to sell themselves so very dirt cheaply. Continue reading

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The Individual MAN Date: The Real Agenda of Obamacare

As the Supreme Court gives Obamacare a thorough going over, I thought it only fair that I alert a very wary public to the not so secret agenda behind this healthcare Obamination. Be ever watchful, oh conservative citizens, for that insidious governmental edict know as the individual MANdate will be served up with a very special Sebelius twist. Continue reading

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Sexual Orientation: Choice or No Choice?

To choose or not to choose, that is the queer question. For when it comes to the politics of sexual orientation within the LGBT communities, the concept of choice has long been the foreign invader for the gay group-think agenda. The terrible taboo of ever classifying anyone’s sexual identity as, god forbid!, an individual choice, appears to be exhibiting some cracks and crevices in that gay Ivory Tower of tow-the-party-line political correctness. And interestingly enough, the loudest voices of pro-choice dissension aren’t just coming from outside the gilded gay ghetto. Continue reading

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Gay Goon Squad Goes After Salvation Army

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. A time of gift-giving, a time of sharing, a time of good will toward our fellow men and women. Yes by gosh, by golly, it’s time to break out the mistletoe and holly. And according to the gay goon squad, it’s also time to intimidate, bully, and bring down yet another evil empire of community service. The LGBT self-appointed Talking Heads have dredged up yet another soft target for termination. And this time out, they’ve marked a bull’s-eye on the back of the Salvation Army. Yes, the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that houses the homeless, cares for the elderly, counsels our veterans, provides recreational fun for our kids, and extends a helping hand to those living with HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

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George Soros Shops at Target: The Boycott Bit the Dust!

Billionaire, George (Sauron) Soros isn’t particularly bothered by any silly progressive party line when it comes to building up his portfolio of capitalistic hard cash. His investment group, Soros Fund Management, purchased over half a million shares of Target stock in the second quarter of 2011 valued at $26 million. And is it any wonder that the Dark Lord of Left-wing sorcery is so bullish on Target’s bottom line—this retail chain is doing quite well, thank you very much, despite their failure to pledge unflagging fealty to those queer inquisitors of alternative lifestyle orthodoxy. Continue reading

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Mass Murder in Norway: The End of Multicultural Opposition?

Bruce Bawer, literary critic, author, and political commentator, has been quite outspoken through the years concerning the very real dangers of the rising tide of Islamification throughout Europe. As a gay man living in Oslo, Norway, Bawer’s political and social observations as an ex-patriot American hunkered down within the fire zones of European multiculturalism give his opinion pieces much more power and credibility than the soppy liberal soliloquies coming out of US universities. Continue reading

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GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

Where else but in the political arena of 21st century America could we find a female conservative contender for the presidency, a progressive lesbian activist, and a gay conservative organization all coming together at the interesting online intersection of the Daily Caller, a conservative news site. Continue reading

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Gay Fisting Czar Takes His Dubious Talents Elsewhere

Kevin Jennings, Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Department of Education who had assumed the duties of the so-called Safe Schools Czar in the Obama administration, has decided to move on to greener pastures. Mr. Jennings will be taking the helm of the Massachusetts-based non-profit, Be the Change. He was chosen for the role of President and CEO after a nation-wide search to replace the organization’s founder, Alan Khazei. Khazei intends to take on Scott Brown in the Massachusetts senatorial race in 2012. Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson Accused of Gay Sexual Harassment

A former gay employee of the Rainbow Push Coalition has filed sexual harassment and discrimination charges against one of America’s premier race baiting, honky hustling hucksters, none other than the Reverend Jesse Jackson. Continue reading

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Gays Continue Vendetta Against Boy Scouts

Gay groups continue their vicious ground-them-into-the-dust vendetta against the Philadelphia chapter of the Boy Scouts of America. Despite goodwill negotiations between Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia and the Cradle of Liberty chapter of the Boy Scouts that has resulted in a mutual agreement ending the contentious battle over the Scouts’ use of city property, gay groups continue to push all the political ploys in order to punish this non-profit organization. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: Who Needs It?

One of the last places on the Internet that you would expect to hear even a mildly dissident voice on the topic of gay marriage is at the Left-leaning website of the Daily Beast. But in an article by Natalie Neusche, the overall relevance of the marriage bond for gays and lesbians is indeed getting a going over. Continue reading

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Lesbians and Gays Go GOP

A CNN exit poll from Tuesday’s mid-terms, shows that 31% of those voters who self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual had cast their ballot for Republican candidates. Continue reading

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Gay Film Festival Under Fire in Indonesia

Hundreds of members of the Islamic Defenders Front, a radical Muslim organization rabidly opposed to homosexuality, stormed the Dutch Cultural Center in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday ripping down posters advertising upcoming gay/lesbian films scheduled to be shown during the annual Q Film Festival. Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mosque: Those Useful Idiots Strike Again

The controversy over the Ground Zero mosque couldn’t have happened at a better time. The fact that this obscene mega gesture of contempt for the American people, our way of life, and for the true martyrs who were butchered on September 11, 2001, is finding support from liberal lunatics is one of the best bits of political good luck for the conservative cause this summer. Continue reading

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