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Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

Other than a couple of Republican politicians, the only voices being raised in the defense of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk imprisoned, yes, let me say that again, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage license to two gay men, have been the queer voices of lesbians and gays. Yep, it seems only us homos care enough about the injustice being done in Kentucky to open our political mouths and express a little outrage. Now ain’t that a sweet Come to Jesus conservative irony. Continue reading

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Only Liberals Get to Violate Their Oaths, You Idiots

Whether You Agree with Her Stance or Not, Kim Davis is Now a Political Prisoner. Anyone Believe They Would Have Dragged a Muslim Off to Jail? Continue reading

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The Mozilla Gay Marriage Mob: The Borg is Upon Us

For failing to be assimilated into the Totalitarian Tolerance Cube by his refusal to drop to his knees and suck the cock of the golden gay marriage idol, Brendan Eich was dragged before the Inquisition of Quisling Corporate Sycophants and found guilty of daring to politically express an opposing opinion. His heresy was further compounded, when under interrogation, he refused to recant his belief in traditional marriage and rejected the pressure placed on him to change his personal and political viewpoint. Within days of accepting the CEO position, the creator/inventor of Java Script was forced out by the very organization he helped to found.

Hopefully, Brendan Eich is now seeking the advice of counsel and weighing his prospects of winning an employment discrimination lawsuit against his erstwhile employer. And based on California employment law, his prospects of successfully suing Mozilla are quite good. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Protests in Paris Attract Hundreds of Thousands of Demonstrators

As the Left-wing media attempts to downplay the blow-back over the passage of gay marriage in France by Francois Hollande’s Socialist government and as their tacky Talking Heads fall all over themselves to reassure us rubes out here in the hinterland that same-sex hitching is the latest wave of progressive social change sweeping the globe (AKA: and there’s nothing you can do about it, so don’t you hillbillies even bother to try), one senses a bit of unease, and dare I say, down right shock, coming from the tapping keyboards of the pro-regressive Fourth Estate. Continue reading

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Paris Riots Protesting Gay Marriage

If any lesbian or gay man believes that the issue of gay marriage will be neatly decided and nicely tucked away forever and a day by a convivial pro same-sex ruling by the Supreme Court or by a state legislature or by a state-wide referendum, then these happy-go-lucky ladies and gents of a queerly artless disposition should seriously reconsider their faulty flights of fancy. Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh on Gay Marriage: Another Nugget of Stupidity

Limbaugh’s latest breathtaking analysis proffers his feeble attempt to explain away the social success of the gay marriage marathon, a cultural phenomenon that has been running non-stop across America’s social scene for many years now. Mr. Limbaugh dismisses this drawn-out decades-long shift in the American psyche with a quick flick of his wilted wit. Continue reading

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The Cause of Homosexuality: More ‘Scientific’ Hogwash

Now that the ridiculous ‘scientific’ declaration that homosexuality is strictly genetically determined—an article of faith fiercely held by the adherents of white homosexual privilege—has landed in the dust heap of faux facts, we are now presented with another ‘it ain’t their fault’ fallacy. Yep, yet another government-funded research project to uncover the politically correct cause of gayness.

Take a gander at the latest bit of politically driven, queer-pandering bullshit masquerading as ‘science’. These academic bozos claim to have unlocked the puzzle of why people turn out gay. Continue reading

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Australia Says NO to Gay Marriage

A legislative bill to legalize gay marriage that was sponsored by a member of Australia’s Labor Party has been roundly defeated in the House of Representatives by a vote of 98 – 42. Both the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, of the Labor Party, and former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, also of Labor, voted against the bill. It would appear that many people down under, and in fact many folks from around the globe, are balking at the prospect of redefining the concept of marriage to include same-sex couples. Continue reading

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Test of Fire: Catholics Called to Witness

I think the video makes it pretty clear what voting for one’s conscience means for the Catholic Church and that is obviously a vote for Romney. Of course, all us queers are supposed to scream Hate, Hate, Hate, because the video calls for a reinforcement of marriage and not a redefinition of the institution. But quite frankly, after starting out as a gay marriage supporter, I have come to the hard-bitten conclusion that supporting traditional marriage is a commonsense thing to do. Continue reading

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Of Barking Vaginas and Tantrum Tactics

From the failed boycott of the state of Arizona for daring to require ID from those crossing the path of the police, to the failed Wisconsin recall election of Scott Brown pushed by over-paid unionized employees, to the failed public park takeovers of the moronic Occupy movement, to the failed attempt to censure radio’s Rush Limbaugh for daring to slutify a sexually active female freeloader, to the failed gay gangster beat-down of the Chick-fil-A fast food franchise—the organized Mafia-like mob of the hard Left has found itself faced with many whopping failures over the past few years. Could it be that the confrontational tantrum tactics of the oh so faux tolerance toadies have lost their political punch? Continue reading

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Rahm Emanuel Plays Chicken with Chicago

The mayoral bloopers with regard to the Chick-fil-A matter are simply based on a total misreading of the American mindset. Just like the Obama 2008 presidential win was misinterpreted by the progressive elites as a rip-roaring mandate for a Left-wing socialist restructuring of the American republic, these Big City Democrat dopes have stupidly surmised that bullying a business over a gay marriage personal opinion is simply the political In thing to do. Well, surmise again, Your Honors. Continue reading

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For Chick-fil-A, A Record Setting Sales Day

The queer movement has resorted to the typical ploys of the Left and has attempted to demonize any opposition to the gay marriage issue. The Hate hustle that is used here to close down discussion on same-sex marriage is along the same lines as the racist rant when it comes to opposition to Obama or to any perceived challenge to the multicultural mandate—it’s a strategy meant to sideline and gag opponents by glorifying not only the controversial cause itself but also the sacred victims it purports to save. This apotheosis approach has become standard political fare for the anything but fair-minded minions of progressivism, be they gay or straight. Continue reading

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It’s Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day—So Let’s Flip the Bird to the NoH8 Hate Hustlers

Let’s sock it to those anti-Christian Chicken Shits, those Gay Marriage Muggers with their Muslim Blind Eye and their big time Bully Boy Tactics. Continue reading

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Gays and Political Expediency—Enjoy The Pet Status While It Lasts

A little reminder from Mark Steyn about the rigorous realities of being nominated to play pet poodle for a political machine and why marching in a Gay Pride parade led by the Multicultural drum majorettes of the Democrat party can be hazardous to your homosexual health. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: The Love That Won’t Shut the F-UP

My current sentiments concerning the entire topic of gay marriage can be succinctly summed up in the following quote: Once upon a time they called homosexuality “the love that dare not speak its name.” Now it’s become the love that won’t shut the f___ up. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage in Washington State Stalls

The new gay marriage law in the state of Washington is being challenged by opponents. Representatives of Preserve Marriage Washington gathered over 200,000 signatures to force the gay marriage issue into a state-wide referendum. Continue reading

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Black Churches Not Wedded to Gay Marriage

Cruise over to the Daily Caller for some off-the-cuff remarks on gay marriage by attendees at a meeting of the Conference of National Black Churches and the Congressional Black Caucus that was held on Wednesday. Get ready to hear some strong viewpoints from men who are not intimidated by the gay gestapo and their use of the hate speech spamathon. Continue reading

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Teen Girl’s Anti-Gay Marriage Video Banned from YouTube

Why was this young 16 year-old’s innocuous video, which simply expressed her personal views on traditional marriage, dumped by YouTube? Could it have been that in just one week the video had garnered over 20,000 views and was well on its way to going viral? Was YouTube frightened by the heart-felt words of an intelligent teenager who offered a very different glimpse into the hearts and minds of young Americans than the gnarly image the media moguls want us to see? Continue reading

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Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Don’t You Believe It!

Gee, could it be that all those gay positive polls we’ve been seeing are not really representative of the American mindset? Well, let’s take a gander at the CBS/New York Times poll which also pushed the gay marriage hot button. Hoping I’m sure to show how gung-ho on gay marriage the populace had become after Obama’s flaming queen routine over the weekend, these media minions didn’t quite get the high-five sign from their liberally tilted respondents. Continue reading

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Obama, The Rainbow Queen

Can’t wait for the Gay Pride Parades in June to see our Queen Obama prancing on top of one those flouncing floats. Continue reading

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Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement: Our 30 Pieces of Silver

Holy Hallelujah! Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, has come out in support of gay marriage! Oh ring out, ye church bells of cafeteria Christianity! Sing loudly, ye true believers of homosexual heaven right here on earth! For it ain’t every day that self-involved gays get to sell themselves so very dirt cheaply. Continue reading

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Abortion and Gay Marriage Getting a Re-Do in Spain

With the fall of Spain’s socialist government back in 2011 and with an end to the 7-plus year reign of Jose Zapatero as the country’s prime minister, Spain is now in the midst of not only an economic restructuring but a cultural re-do as well. The new Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy of the Partido Party has promised to rescind many of the controversial changes enacted by the outgoing socialist government. And at the top of the list of Spain’s culture splitting issues are abortion, homosexuality, and educational indoctrination. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Ain’t the Be All nor the End All

That old gaseous put down used by gay marriage maniacs and all others of their political ilk in their attempt to dismiss conservative lesbians and gays as a societal non sequitur gets a common sense going over at Hot Air. Jazz Shaw, columnist for Hot Air’s Green Room, presents the perspective of a closeted conservative lesbian who responds to that liberal head-scratching conundrum: how can gays vote for a Republican? Continue reading

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Another Weiner Gets Grilled in NY: Weprin Loses!

David Weiner, oh sorry, I mean David Weprin, got his butt whomped on Tuesday night. The machine-mandated Democrat placeholder for the 9th Congressional District in New York went down for the count after losing to Republican challenger, Bob Turner. In a special election to replace Anthony Weiner, the disgraced Democrat Congressman who got caught going public with his pecker, Weprin was expected to win handily in this true Blue Democrat stronghold. But voter dissatisfaction with the Obama regime and the Orthodox Jewish community’s furor over Weprin’s support for gay marriage turned a sure thing election into a Tea Party-style revolt. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Bills Stall in Blue States

The state of Maryland was poised to legalize same-sex marriage but it appears that the congratulatory champagne corks were popped a bit prematurely. Thought to be a virtual shoe-in when introduced in the Democratic controlled Maryland legislature, the gay marriage bill may now be headed for an unexpected demise in the House Judicial Committee. Continue reading

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