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Gay Icon Arrested for Child Porn Depicting the Rape of Babies

Larry Brinkin, a big name in the gay community in that progressive enclave known as San Francisco, has been arrested for child pornography. Since the 1970s, Mr. Brinkin has been very active in all the politically correct circles in the Bay area, making a name for himself with women’s rights, civil rights, anti-war demonstrations, and all that gay liberation political paraphernalia. Good old gay Larry, that well-known, well-loved crusader for THE PEOPLE, who until 2010 was a member of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, has been carted away in handcuffs for possession of photographs depicting the sodomizing of children and babies. But it gets even worse…. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and GoProud Tie the Knot

The contemporary conservative landscape is indeed an interesting panorama. After being jilted by the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), GoProud seems to have found acceptance of another sort from within the conservative extended family of fractious fellow travellers. Continue reading

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