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Michael: A Conservative Profile

First the background – I am 50-ish white gay male, trained as a Licensed Clinical Social worker and in a domestic partnership with a black man from Belize – when I tell people that I am a Reagan conservative they (mostly liberals – never conservatives) just can’t seem to wrap their brains around that possibility – and then proceed to tell me how the “Republicans” would never support me as a gay man. As a gay conservative, I now find it very interesting that people in general have no problem with the “gay” part – but they do with the conservative part. Continue reading

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Dennis Prager and Gay Conservatives

Some talk around town about us lesbians and gays of a conservative persuasion…
Following the resignation of Richard Grenell, a foreign policy adviser for Mitt Romney, and the kerfuffle that followed Grenell’s departure, there were little media confabs here and there about gays serving within the exalted ranks of the Republican Party. Yesterday, Dennis Prager, syndicated conservative radio talk show host, added his interesting take to this homo-conservative debate. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and Conservative Naivete

The current agitation over Ann Coulter’s scheduled stint at the upcoming Left-whack extravaganza sponsored by GOProud, the national organization representing conservative gays and lesbians, offers a teachable moment for all of us concerted patriots intent on taking back America. Continue reading

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