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November 7, 2012: Never Give Up!

We must never give up. We must never stop fighting. America’s future depends on it. Continue reading

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Tea Party Targets Big Business

The Tea Party is now taking aim at Big Business and their Big Progressive play books. And at the top of the list of hot Tea Party targets is General Electric and Johnson & Johnson. Continue reading

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Scenes from the 9/12 March on Washington

Signs, signs, everywhere there’re signs. I traveled down to Washington DC over the weekend to attend the 9/12 March and also to meet my compatriot, Glen Amos and his wonderful wife, Wendy. Continue reading

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Tea Party Candidates Sweep Primaries

After listening to all the pathetic hype from the Lamestream Media over the victory of Michael Bennet in the Democrat primary in Colorado, I think it’s time to get a little real. If the only Obama song that the Left has to sing is this pitiful bit of paltrey piffle, then Mr. O is indeed in deep do-do. Continue reading

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FreedomWorks and Dick Armey

Want to do your bit to fight the pestilence that has infested the American social and political fabric? Want to fight back against the big government gulag but not sure what to do? Feeling glooming about America’s future? Then take the time to check out FreedomWorks Continue reading

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