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College Student Expelled for Comments on Black Racism

If you were an eager beaver educator enrolled in a student teaching program as part of your college curriculum and you were introduced to your middle school students with remarks that included a negative reference to your race, would that bother you? And if you dared to write about that racial remark on your Facebook page, would you then be surprised to find yourself accused of racism yourself? Continue reading

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Occupy Cop Hater Charged with Crimes for Facebook Pages

Joshua Scott Albert, the smug little Occupy Lefty who gloated over the murder of off-duty police officer, Moses Walker, Jr., and who broadcast his cop hate by creating Facebook pages honoring the Officer’s killers is now face-to-face with something other than a simple social network. What’s a 26-year old boy blogger to do? Continue reading

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Michael Vick Backlash at Nevada Car Dealership

It seems that many folks out in the state of Nevada were not too pleased to discover that Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback and convicted dog-killing felon, was scheduled to make a guest appearance at Findlay Toyota in the town of Henderson. Continue reading

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Rush Babes for America: A Big Smack at NOW

Rush Limbaugh has taken a clever swipe at the National Organization for Women, the self-deluded group of Left-wing ladies masquerading as enlightened mavens for all things female. Limbaugh has started a new Facebook Page entitled Rush Babes for America a.k.a. The National Organization for Rush Babes. His new Page is dedicated to conservative women. Continue reading

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Facebook Campaign: Whacking Saudi Women Who Dare to Drive

Women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia (yes, there actually are women in this ultra-repressive female-hating culture willing to risk life and limb to help move their country a smidgen or two out of the Middle Ages), are planning a demonstration in June to protest the arrest of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi sister who has been jailed for defying her country’s ban on distaff drivers. And of course, what better way to demonstrate for the equal right of unfettered maneuverability than for women to slide behind the wicked wheel of flighty freedom and roar on down that revolutionary road in search of the 21st century. Continue reading

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Hate Speech Codes: The Death of Academia

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Kenneth Howell, has been temporarily reinstated after being terminated by the University of Illinois under their Hate Speech code. Continue reading

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Draw Mohammed: Celebrate American Values

May 20th is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day and I thought I’d get the party started early. Mohammed’s Coming Out Party is a special day of celebration here in the US, a day to once again declare our American Independence. Continue reading

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