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European Union and the Bureaucracy Bullies

The EU meltdown seems to have cooled down for now. After months of poking frenzied fingers into every fiscal hole breaching the dyke of bureaucratic debt, the masters of the EU-nicorn project are now holding their breadth in hopes that all the plugs will hold. Continue reading

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Socialist Sex and the IMF

Sacré bleu! A son of the French socialist elite has fallen afoul of America’s unsophisticated and so very parochial jurisprudence. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has been charged with sexual assault, attempted rape, and unlawful detention of a chamber maid in his Sofitel Hotel suite in midtown Manhattan. It appears that our silly bourgeois criminal code frowns upon males of any variety who force their sexual lusts onto hard-working poorly paid cleaning ladies. Continue reading

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Young Gay Men Fuelling HIV Epidemic

How very sad that so many young gay men and too many of their older peers have such little respect for their bodies and their lives. Recent research conducted by scientists in Belgium indicate that young gay men continue to fuel the HIV epidemic. Continue reading

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Diaper Democracy Explodes

The EU economic explosions have just begun and Victor Davis Hanson, in an article in today’s National Review Online, concisely outlines the aftershocks of the Greek bailout reverberating across the socialistic landscape of the European Union. Continue reading

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