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The Mozilla Gay Marriage Mob: The Borg is Upon Us

For failing to be assimilated into the Totalitarian Tolerance Cube by his refusal to drop to his knees and suck the cock of the golden gay marriage idol, Brendan Eich was dragged before the Inquisition of Quisling Corporate Sycophants and found guilty of daring to politically express an opposing opinion. His heresy was further compounded, when under interrogation, he refused to recant his belief in traditional marriage and rejected the pressure placed on him to change his personal and political viewpoint. Within days of accepting the CEO position, the creator/inventor of Java Script was forced out by the very organization he helped to found.

Hopefully, Brendan Eich is now seeking the advice of counsel and weighing his prospects of winning an employment discrimination lawsuit against his erstwhile employer. And based on California employment law, his prospects of successfully suing Mozilla are quite good. Continue reading

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EEOC and the Learning Disability Sham

Can’t read? Can’t write? Can’t find a job? Have no fear, the EEOC is here! And faster than you can say protected class, this governmental patron of the perpetually pathetic has decided that the lazy lunkheads of the American working world have now earned themselves inclusion under the cosseted catchall known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Continue reading

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