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Scott Brown Leading Pocahontas in Polls

Two polls show Scott Brown leading Harvard’s academic darling, Elizabeth Warren, by 5% and 6%. This is very good news for Republicans after they have had to endure a week of Todd Akin angst. So it would appear that the Democrats’ answer to how ambitious white Left-wing biatches can game the affirmative action wheel of fortune is stumbling along under the cover of the Martha Coakley curse. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren and Her Very White World of Diversity

Elizabeth Warren—the Harvard Hands-Around-the-Globe Diversity Queen can’t seem to find campaign staff that represent her wonderful world of multicultural inclusiveness. Here is Princess Pocahontas at her headquarters with her very gullible groupies who for some strange reason all seem to look just like her. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Sings ‘I’m an Indian Too’—Voice Over by Ethel Merman

♬ And I’ll wear moccasins, wampum beads, feather hats, which will go to prove—I’m an Indian too! ♬
Ethel Merman from Annie Get Your Gun belts out Lizzie Light Skin’s theme song. I am so enjoying this senatorial farce getting played out in that Kennedy compound of politically progressive Massachusetts. Looking so like a ludicrously lame liar, the ditzy Democrat dame with the semi-lousy law degree from Rutgers U wants America to believe she never relied on an affirmative action cheat sheet to gain her appointment at Harvard. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: Native American?

A funny thing happened to Elizabeth Warren on the way to snagging a prestigious professorship at Harvard Law School in the mid 1990s. Magically, this white-on-white middle class lady, who is currently a Democrat candidate for Senator in the state of Massachusetts, suddenly trans-raced into a very statistically suitable Native American minority. And faster than the academic elite could say hocus-Pocahonis, Ms. Warren found herself ensconced in that coveted Ivy League crimson while Harvard fulfilled their ill-gotten quota. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Hobnobs with Hollywood

The Democrats have a never-ending Conga line of cossetted upwardly mobile white women who seem to congenitally crave the hard-earned cash of the working classes. Recently, we were treated to the poor me-you pay primer put forth by the poster girl for oppressed white chicks everywhere, Ms. Sandra Fluke, Georgetown University Law School student and member of the Georgetown chapter of Law Students for Reproductive Justice. This going places gal believes it is only right and true that the white women elite of Georgetown get all their extracurricular no-cost nooky compliments of a heavily indebted nation. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Bounds Ahead of Elizabeth Warren

Hooray! Scott Brown, Republican Senator from Massachusetts, is eight points ahead of the Democrat dilettante, Elizabeth Warren, in the latest poll released the other day by Suffolk University. Considered exceedingly vulnerable in the upcoming 2012 election, Brown and his campaign have been working hard to portray Warren as an insulated Ivy League Left-wing loon. And surprisingly, it looks like this strategy is working, despite the fact that Left-leaning loonyism is very much the political norm in the Democrat kingdom of the Kennedy’s. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: The Asbestos Queen

So what does this horrible asbestos-caused cancer have to do with Elizabeth Warren, Democrat contender for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, overpaid Harvard Law Schoolmarm, self-proclaimed champion of The People, and Mother-in-Waiting to the Occupy movement? Well, this elite spokeswoman for the academic good life may pose as a loving caretaker for the muddled masses but in reality Madam Warren has no problem at all in allowing the stricken and the infirmed to sicken and die on the doorstep of the nation’s insurance industry. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: The Matriarch of Mayhem

“I have thrown rocks at people I think are in the wrong.” Meet the Harvard Law School Professor and Democrat Senatorial candidate for Massachusetts. Continue reading

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