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Happy Independence Day–With the Emphasis on Independence

As the George the 3rd thugs of modern-day American politics attempt to devolve our nation into a tax-heavy bureaucracy of dependent drips and drones, let us take this special day of celebration to contemplate the true meaning of independence. And unlike the adolescent licentiousness of the hip culture creatures that immaturely equate independence with unfettered do-as-I-feel-like freedom at someone else’s expense, us grown-up members of Western society know what it really takes to stand on the legs of our forefathers’ legacy. Continue reading

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In the Land of the Pharaohs, the Democracy That Never Was

Some interesting events in Egypt yesterday: the dissolution of the 4-month old Egyptian parliament, the imposition of martial law, and the transference of legislative power into the clenched fists of the Egyptian military whose leaders will now appoint a new 100-member assembly which will then author the country’s new constitution. Continue reading

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Farewell Intercourse: Egyptian Men and Sex with Dead Wives

Ah yes, that liberating Non-Western wave of Middle East renewal so naively referred to as the Arab Spring is now giving birth to Islam’s quaint version of a rip-roaring sexual revolution. If a new piece of legislation introduced into the Islamic dominated Egyptian parliament gets passed, husbands living in the laughing-stock land of the Pharaohs will soon be able to have one last goodbye f**k with the corpses of their deceased wives for up to 6 hours after death. Well, what the heck. Muslim women certainly get no respect when they’re alive so why not continue to use and abuse them after they’re dead and gone? Continue reading

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Violence Against Women in Tahrir Square: Welcome to the New Egypt

So much for all the liberal hype about democracy in action and the brave new Egypt that was forming from the ashes of the fallen Mubarak regime. Tahrir Square, the scene of extensive media coverage during the anti-Mubarak demonstrations, was the venue for violence on Tuesday when about a 100 women dared to gather to proclaim that they too have an active role to play in Egypt’s New Jersulem. Continue reading

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A Free Egypt? Get Real!

The left-of-center pundits are pandering to the ‘new’ Egypt that they assume is rising from the downfall ashes of the Hosni Mubarak regime. But their golly gee glee naively glosses over the harsh realities now facing Egypt and the Middle East. Continue reading

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In Egypt as Elsewhere, A Riot is a Riot is a Riot is a Riot

Before we all break out the champagne in celebration of our abject jubilance over the so-called ‘democratic’ unrest that is spiraling Egypt into chaos, perhaps we should take a quick glance over our shoulders at the historical record on the freedom giving properties of revolutionary riots. Continue reading

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