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Why the Japanese Don’t Loot: A Dearth of Diversity

There’s a head scratching conundrum that seems to have the media so puzzled and perplexed. And that confusion centers on just why there’s been no wholesale or even random acts of looting in Japan after those devastating earthquakes rocked the island nation. Today, survivors are still struggling with a lack of food, clothing, and drinking water let alone all those other ‘necessities’ that we’ve come to expect from modern life. Yet no one is mugging their nearest neighbor nor sifting through what’s left of other peoples’ possessions. So how can such exemplary behavior under such adverse conditions be possible in this day and age of Gimme Gimme and Where’s Mine? Continue reading

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Chicken Little and the Nuclear Nitwits

As the Henny Pennys, Goosey Looseys, and Turkey Lurkeys throw up their hands in open-mouthed hysteria over the nuclear reactor damage at the Japanese power plants, the calmly informed voices of those who are actually in the nuclear know are ignorantly ignored. Continue reading

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