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Another Dyke Fakes a Hate Crime: Time for Tough Penalties

The only violence and hate that seems to be getting perpetrated on the innocent public these days is coming from the lesbian and gay communities. Making fraudulent accusations against nameless straight men and perpetrating the slander that hordes of heterosexuals are committing heinous crimes against those sad little white middle-class queers, is in my book, what genuinely qualifies as a real hate crime. Continue reading

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The Green Lantern Goes Predictably Gay

Now that D.C. Comics has turned yet another beloved Super Hero into a mawkish minority mannikin, one has to wonder just what will be next on the culture reinvention horizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day soon we’re treated to even more bizarre comic caricatures of living caricatures of real life. Perhaps these two Super Silly Anti-Heroes of my own invention might be on tap for the very near future. You never know. For in the immortal words of Mick Jagger who was wont to sort of wail—It’s just a court order away! Continue reading

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