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DNC Platform Amendments: Dems Quickly Discover God and Jerusalem

Reflecting the amateurish leadership currently in the White House, the DNC, in mid convention, jammed through party platform changes today to stem the tide of bad PR and virulent dissension within their own ranks. These clowns only made themselves and their party look like the hide-and-seek socialists that they really are. Continue reading

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Obama Cares? Ask His Brother George

As Democrats tear-jerked their way through the Michelle Obama sob speech last night seemingly oblivious to the fact that this Democrat doyenne of progressive pap has taken 17 taxpayer-funded vacations while contemplating with compassion the sad state of the little lives of her husband’s constituency, it was interesting to note that the recurring theme of this wifely spiel was the caring nature of her golf-prone hubby. Continue reading

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DNC Planned Parenthood Rally Nets Next to Nobody

Despite the feeble attempts by Planned Parenthood to make it appear that huge crowds gathered today in support of taxpayer funding for abortion on demand, the attendance reality for the rally was a little bit different from the propaganda pictures that Prevent Parenthood would have the public believe. Continue reading

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Obama’s Outdoor Spectacle Limps Off Center Stage

In 2008, it was Greek columns and otherworldly smoke and mirrors. But in 2012, the deluded Democrats have moved beyond the era of Athens and into the iron fist age of the all-powerful Caesars, opting for the majesty of the Roman amphitheater and the screaming adoration of the lowly masses. Emperor Obama, who obviously is wearing no political competency cloths to speak of, is still pathetically clinging to the pretense of apotheosis. Continue reading

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Scott Walker Up By 9 Points in Wisconsin

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is leading his Democrat challenger, Tom Barrett, by 9 percentage points in the latest poll released by We Ask America. Continue reading

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