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Time’s Up for Tebow

Oh Tim, we had such high hopes and aspirations and thought maybe, just maybe, the Broncos would end up in the Super Bowl. But we really can’t complain, for after all, you gave your team and all us football fans such a great season. We’re looking forward to the next go round, so keep the faith, buddy! Continue reading

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Tebow Gets Toppled

Is Tebow mania at an end? Can it be that Not So Tiny Tim is now down for the count? Say it ain’t so, Denver. Continue reading

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Once Again it’s Tebow Time: Broncos Win!

Once again, Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos pull out another comeback victory. Down 10 – 0 to the Chicago Bears, Tebow plowed down the field and threw a 10-yard pass for a touchdown with just over two minutes left in regulation play. A 59-yard field goal would tie the game. Despite the Bears winning the toss in overtime, a fumble gave the ball to the Broncos and another long field goal clinched the win. Continue reading

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And the Broncos Win!

Broncos win another close one! Continue reading

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It’s Tim Tebow Time

The Denver Broncos are playing the Minnesota Vikings this afternoon and Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback, out-and-out Christian, and home-schooled homeboy is once again front and center. Whatever anyone may think about his athletic skills or his ability to throw the ball, Tim Tebow has shaken up professional football. The controversial Christian sports figure has garnered much criticism for the very public displays of his evangelical faith. From kneeling in prayer on the playing field to etching bible verses into his eye black, Tebow has raised the hackles of the oh so politically correct. But despite the flack, this unapologetic Christian quarterback has delivered on excitement, wins, and achievements. Continue reading

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