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Why Talk Radio Can be Hazardous to the Conservative Cause

If you are a connoisseur of Conservative Talk Radio, you may be unwittingly undermining the very cause you hold so dear while at the same time sucker-punching your battered psyche into the depths of clinical despair.

WARNING: Your daily dose of didactic diarrhea spewed forth from the ever open mouths of radio’s right-of-center provocateurs can present an insidious hazard to your mental health and a corrosive curse on the conservative movement. Continue reading

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Dennis Prager and Gay Conservatives

Some talk around town about us lesbians and gays of a conservative persuasion…
Following the resignation of Richard Grenell, a foreign policy adviser for Mitt Romney, and the kerfuffle that followed Grenell’s departure, there were little media confabs here and there about gays serving within the exalted ranks of the Republican Party. Yesterday, Dennis Prager, syndicated conservative radio talk show host, added his interesting take to this homo-conservative debate. Continue reading

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Prager University: Happiness 101

Gratitude is a discarded value in today’s give me more and give it to me now entitlement society. But as Dennis Prager points out in this five-minute classic classroom module, gratitude is the essential key to having all that happiness hoopla that so many hanker for. Continue reading

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