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The Right Pushes Back—Finally!

The Right pushes back and it’s about time. Continue reading

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Pissing on the Enemy: Marines in Combat

Here it comes, all the bombastic brouhaha clamoring from the usual corners of our culture over a video clip of US Marines urinating on Taliban corpses. And of course, the same old puffed up promises from the bloated military bureaucracy swearing that a full and vigorous investigation will be conducted into the whys and wherefores of this combative whodunit. Yes, let the witch hunts begin. Continue reading

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Breitbart on ABC: Big Media Buckles

Guess who will provide election night analysis for the ABC network on Tuesday evening? None other than Andrew Breitbart, that notorious truth-teller from the heinous hinterland of conservative values. Continue reading

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The Rising Tide of Conservative Feminism

Look out Lefty ladies, a great big groundswell of Right Women is rising up across America and this surging tidal wave of rip-roaring resolve is rolling across the political landscape. But I think you know that already. Continue reading

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