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Hit the Road, Barack—Says Newsweek?

The fact that Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek and the Daily Beast, has placed this photo with this caption on the cover of her Lefty publication pretty much sums up the extent of the liberal frustration at this inept and unqualified fraud. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage: Who Needs It?

One of the last places on the Internet that you would expect to hear even a mildly dissident voice on the topic of gay marriage is at the Left-leaning website of the Daily Beast. But in an article by Natalie Neusche, the overall relevance of the marriage bond for gays and lesbians is indeed getting a going over. Continue reading

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Race Hustlers: NAACP and the New Black Panthers

The NAACP has declared the Tea Party movement to be ‘racist’. In the not too recent past, such a pronouncement from a staid black organization such as the NAACP would have dealt a death blow to the object of black ire. But today, me thinks the race card has been played so many times and for so many unscrupulous and unethical reasons that it has become the joker of the Left-wing’s political house of cards. Continue reading

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