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Who Killed Swing Music? The Federal Government, That’s Who

Here’s a little mini tutorial for our decidedly dopey conservative ‘leadership’, all those pompous pumpkin heads who still struggle to gain a remedial understanding of the plain and simple concept of shaping culture. So for those Talking Heads who may have missed my previous Culture for Dummies post entitled The Unbearable Stupidity of Conservatives, I offer from the grab bag of American history, a little factual fable for the stubbornly fatuous. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Stupidity of Conservatives—The Mayberry Syndrome

Have you ever scratched your head in total bewilderment over the state of American society today? Have you ever wondered what the hell happened out there in the good ole USA while you were busy making those mortgage payments and raising those kids? Well, look no further than the blog post over at Human Events to get an answer to your plaintive query.

It’s really embarrassing to read such pathetically naive gibberish. It’s like listening to a grown man telling us that babies should really come from the stork but now that those evil liberals have sullied the birth experience by indulging in sexual intercourse, we better get in the game pronto before we’re totally extinct. Continue reading

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Conservatives Discover Cultural Warfare—Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Ah, the great minds of the conservative movement! To not only grasp that culture matters but to also brilliantly leap to the next logical conclusion that one must go where the voter lives in order to get the message across. Wow! What intelligence! What genius! Could it be that conservative cultural retardation is actually curable??? Could we be witnessing the most spectacular moment in our constitutional history when conservatives become—gasp!—CULTURAL PLAYERS??? Continue reading

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Why We Lost the Election: It’s the Culture, Stupid!

Yep, the media is stacked against us. Yep, the universities indoctrinate students with Left-wing nonsense. Yep, too many people are looking for a handout. Yep, we get it. Well, at least some of us get it. But the query that continues to go unasked, let alone actually answered is: Where do we go from here?

What is the bloody game plan? If the media is the enemy, how will we strike off the hoary heads of this corrupt hydra and cripple its ability to control the entertainment industry, the publishing world, the news outlets? If the battle isn’t in the voting booth but rather in the minds of the voting population than how do we dismantle the educational propaganda machine that holds sway over the mental and emotional attitudes of our children and young adults?
Continue reading

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