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Politically Incorrect Comedy: Nick DiPaolo

Nick DiPaolo is a conservative comedian and radio talkshow host who is best known for his infamous stand-up routines. He is at his satirical best in the small crowded comedy club environment where his uncensored truth to power monologues take on the prissy progressive establishment. Continue reading

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The Liberal Mindset: Mining the Depths of Progressive Thought

I saw one of these animated political spoofs spotlighting the convoluted liberal mind over at HillBuzz and it was a hoot.

Here are two mini lessons on the liberal thought process that probe two progressive sacred cows: feminism and affirmative action. A funny face-off between the voice of reason and the drone of ideology. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and GOProud

GOProud, the national organization representing gay and lesbian conservatives, announced that Ann Coulter will headline their first annual HomoCon event in New York City on Saturday, September 25th. Continue reading

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Uni-Tea: Conservatives of Color Speak Out

The Uni-Tea Celebration on Saturday at Independence Mall in Philadelphia was a great opportunity for many Tea Party supporters, media types, and interested tourists to hear the raised voices of Black and Latino Conservatives. Continue reading

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Conservatives of Color: Uni-Tea Celebration at Independence Mall

Don’t think there are people of color with conservative values? Doubt there are African-Americans who advocate for limited government? Then come join in the Uni-Tea celebration at Independence Mall in downtown Philadelphia on Saturday, July 31st from 12 noon to 3 PM and get a world view tuneup. Continue reading

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America Tilts Right

An interesting poll conducted by the Investor’s Business Daily in early April finds that most Americans are leaning in the opposite political direction from their progressively bent president. Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: The Role Model Racket

If it’s March, then it must be Women’s History Month, that once a year sop to the preselected sorority of properly vetted vamps and vixens who successfully jettisoned the patriarchal drag of gender stereotyping. A slivered and slanted celebration, indeed! Continue reading

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How Do Lesbians Identify Politically?

Are the majority of lesbians all Left-leaning socialists and Obama worshipers? That’s certainly what one would think looking at the political makeup of the lesbian/gay organizations within our community. Continue reading

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Gay Conservative Mom

I get excited each time I discover another lesbian conservative website and this one is a very touching and down-to-earth blog. To glimpse yet another face of the lesbian conservative community, please check out the Gay Conservative Mom. Continue reading

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Conservative Activism On Campus

For far too long, the conservative movement has focused almost exclusively on the political arena. With academic reeducation camps feeding both the Marxist media and the bloated governmental bureaucracies, is it any wonder that our American dream is fast becoming a Bolshevik nightmare. Continue reading

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It Ain’t About Ideology

If you spend a lot of time consuming network news and pigging out at all the media entertainment eateries that technology has be offer, you would be totally convinced that America was a very liberal nation. Think again. Continue reading

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Polls: America Going Conservative?

Rasmussen polls show that America is going Conservative. Or has America always been conservative? Continue reading

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