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Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer

Conservative lesbians….oh what a mystery we be to the very uninformed and the conscientiously ill-informed. So to help clear up some of the mindless malarkey (and to do a little public promoting of my blog) I created a short 3-minute video on Youtube to help counter some of the silly misconceptions. I hope you enjoy Conservative Lesbians: A Basic Primer. Continue reading

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Calling All Conservative Lesbians in Seattle, WA

If you are a conservative lesbian living in the Seattle metropolitan area, then please take note of the following social Meetup group that is getting underway in your neck of the USA.

Now surely, if there are conservative dykes living within the confines of the ultra-progressive Starbucks socialist justice jurisdiction, then there are most definitely many more Liberty Lesbians living all across this great land of ours. Continue reading

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The New York Times Discovers Republican Lesbians

Conservative lesbians really exist! And how do I know? Because the New York Times has just discovered us! Like uncovering a rare species that flies in the face of the liberally defined political facts of life, the New York Times has tentatively exposed their Democrat devotees to a published presentation exhibiting those very contrary unicorns of the LGBT community: Republican Lesbians. Continue reading

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New Conservative Lesbian Google Group

For those lesbian women looking to connect with other conservative, libertarian, and/or middle-of-the-road sisters, there is a new Google Group that has just been started by one of TLC’s readers. So just click on this link or click on the icon in the sidebar of TLC’s home page to connect. This is a national social group of like-minded lesbians—no geographic limitations. So come on ladies, this is a chance to start something big. Join up and spread the word. Much thanks to Bria for taking the initiative in this endeavor. Continue reading

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