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Ptown Patriot: A Lesbian Conservatve Blog in the Heart of Gaytopia

Any gay woman leaning to the Right and living in the heart of Provincetown, Massachusetts has to certainly be made of sterner stuff. For Ptown, the queer playground of the Eastern seaboard and the Mecca of LGBT progressive group think, is anything but hospitable to gay men or women who dare to devise political dreams not officially approved by the Democrat Party. Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Ain’t the Be All nor the End All

That old gaseous put down used by gay marriage maniacs and all others of their political ilk in their attempt to dismiss conservative lesbians and gays as a societal non sequitur gets a common sense going over at Hot Air. Jazz Shaw, columnist for Hot Air’s Green Room, presents the perspective of a closeted conservative lesbian who responds to that liberal head-scratching conundrum: how can gays vote for a Republican? Continue reading

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