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Arby’s Hates Conservatives

The fast food chain, Arby’s, doing business under the slogan The Good Mood Food, has created a bit of bad temper in many of its conservative customers. For some bizarre politically motivated reason, Arby’s went out of its way on Wednesday to make it clear to all and sundry that they would no longer advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. Since most folks in the know thought that the latest Rush riot was officially over, it seemed strange to many in the media that Arby’s was making such a public decision this late in the political news cycle. And with Limbaugh’s announcement the other day that Arby’s has never been an advertiser on his radio program in the first place, this fast food manufactured mystery has only deepened. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Government-Funded F**king

A little fun at the expense of the Sandra Fluke fan club and all others who think that government-funded f**king is a fantastic idea. So as all the whining womyn join hands in solidarity singing She Ain’t Slutty, She’s My Sister, let us drown out these carping harpies with a little reality-based humor. Continue reading

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