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May Day: Victims of Communism Day

You would think that the mass murder atrocities committed under this banner of collective oppression would be common knowledge today. But instead, the Commie Kitsch curriculum taught in our universities and the Commie Cool culture that allows perennially adolescent idiots to strut around in Che Guevara T-shirts dances to the tune of totalitarian revisionism. Continue reading

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Billionaire Refugee from Communism Gives Us a Little History Lesson

Thomas Peterffy is a Hungarian-born American entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of Interactive Brokers, a discount brokerage firm. Mr. Peterffy, whose net worth is estimated at $5 billion, escaped from Hungary in his early twenties, coming to the United States as a penniless refugee who could not speak English. During the 1970s, this man turned a knack for computer programming into the phenomenal financial success that he enjoys today. Continue reading

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