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Draw Mohammed: Celebrate American Values

May 20th is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day and I thought I’d get the party started early. Mohammed’s Coming Out Party is a special day of celebration here in the US, a day to once again declare our American Independence. Continue reading

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Muslim Mafia and the Left

The Left doesn’t fear violence from the Tea Party: it prays for it. And I use the word ‘pray’ in its alternative, non-affiliated, secular sense, of course. Isolated acts of violence perpetrated by right-leaning white guys are like political manna rained down from a progressive providence. Continue reading

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Mohammed’s Coming Out Party

The Comedy Central controversy over their censoring of a South Park episode that portrayed the religious leader Mohammed in a bear suit has sparked the creation of the first Everybody Draw Mohammed Day or as I like to think of this very special occasion, Mohammed’s Coming Out Party. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 20th. Continue reading

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