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The Boston Bombers and Kathy Boudin: A Tale of Three Terrorists

As the good folks of Watertown, Massachusetts cheer on their police force and give thanks to Almighty God that their suburban town has men and women of courage and character helping to rid their little world of the rabid dogs of demonic terrorism, the mushy-headed media is busy with its specious speculations, trying to figure out how two young men raised in America could have turned out to be such vociferous haters of the very country that gave them safety and asylum.

What a short attention span our media moguls seem to have when their Left-wing historical facts fly in the face of hard-core reality. Well, here’s a little walk down memory lane as seen through the eyes of a man who as a nine year-old boy lived through the terrifying violence of Left-wing terrorism. And it all happened right here in the good old USA perpetrated by homegrown White Middle Class Left-wing brats. And yes, Kathy Boudin, currently serving as Adjunct Assistant Professor at Columbia University, was the Marxist mother of this terrorist cell calling itself the Weather Underground. Continue reading

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Dinner with Ahmadinejad: Columbia a No-Show

Ahmadinejad may be dining out in New York City when he appears once again at the United Nations to castigate the West on their oh so sinful ways, but this Middle East Muslim mobster won’t be sitting down to any supper that is officially sanctioned by Columbia University. Continue reading

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ROTC Update: Columbia and Stanford

The Stanford Conservative Society has launched a petition in support of the return of ROTC at Stanford University. The petition was launched on February 22nd and as of February 28th, the pro-ROTC sign-on had collected 812 signatures. Continue reading

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War Hero Heckled by Ivy League Brats

When Anthony Maschek, a Columbia University freshman, took to the podium to express his support for allowing the return of ROTC to the Columbia campus, he was heckled with booes, hisses and laughter. Continue reading

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ROTC on Campus: The Columbia Conundrum

For the first time in 42 years, Columbia Univeristy permitted a miliatry flag ceremony on its campus. Continue reading

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