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Michael Mann Mocked: The National Review Strikes Back

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review and one of the defendants in a civil lawsuit brought by Michael Mann—you remember the Chicken Little Professor of Earth Science at Penn State—took out a full-page ad in the university’s student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Mr. Lowry offered up a tongue-in-cheek congrats to the Hockey Stick Holy Mann for the Nobel Peace prize the Prof has falsely claimed as his. Continue reading

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Nonsensical Science: Dinosaurs Farted Their Way to Extinction

Just when you thought that modern-day ‘science’ could not possibly sully its reputation any more than it already had by clinging to the marred mathematical models of its revered anthropomorphic climate change catechism, along comes another dynamic duo of taxpayer supported prima donnas proclaiming to a climate weary world that dinosaurs farted their way to extinction. Continue reading

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Canada Kicks the Kyoto Habit

Good news for the sake of sanity and common sense and for our Canadian compatriots up north. Peter Kent, Canada’s Environmental Minister, announced today that Canada is pulling out of the Kyoto Climate Change Accords. And in so doing, the Canucks become the first country to walk out on the man-made global Green scheme. Continue reading

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Parachuting the Durbin Climate Conference

The Chicken Little climate change catastrophe faithful have been meeting in Durbin, South Africa to discuss even more ways to hijack the world’s economy and create their primitive progressive paradise based on the corrupt concept of carbon credits. But a few innovative activists from CFACT decided to have the heavens rain down some common sense upon this fanatical gathering of medieval minds. What a great skydiving stunt. Continue reading

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Save the Planet, Freeze the Kids

The principal of the Ansford Academy in Great Britain decided to turn off the heat at his secondary school to help cut the academy’s carbon footprint. Oh yes, the global warming, anthropogenic primitives are alive and well and very busy indoctrinating the upcoming generation with their cultish climate claptrap. Unfortunately for the kids stuck in this Lefty loon’s care, the day picked by Principal Rob Benzie for his save the planet polemic came with a temperature of 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Continue reading

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NPR Execs Laugh at Climate Change Deniers (Video)

In James O’Keefe’s video sting operation targeting the Left-wing elite’s tax-funded media, the NPR Progressive Duo of Schiller and Lily compare climate change deniers to those who might still believe planet Earth is flat. Continue reading

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Mother Goose Combats Global Warming?

The Department of Energy and Climate Change, a UK governmental agency created in 2008 to save the planet from the scourge of human habitation, believes that part of its mission is to dish out a daily dose of indoctrination to all the good little UK kiddies. Continue reading

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