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GOProud Shake Up

After the fallout from the outing episode surrounding Rick Perry’s campaign strategist, the GOProud Board has decided it’s time for a change at the top. Christopher Barron has been removed from GOProud’s Chairman position and will be replaced by Lisa De Pasquale, the former head of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Barron will remain with the organization as a board member while Jimmy LaSalvia will continue in his role as Executive Director. Continue reading

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GOProud, Rick Perry, and Forcible Outing

There has been a bit of a brouhaha within conservative circles over the inadvertent outing of one of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign strategists by none other than GOProud, the gay conservative political organization. The Perry campaign released a political ad several days ago knocking the repeal of DADT, and in responding to the content of the ad, GOProud apparently mentioned to the media that a particular Perry strategist was gay. Since this strategist was closeted with regard to his sexual orientation, GOProud had effectively outed him. Many conservatives were upset at what they saw as a despicable act by GOProud and that included the influential alternative media maven, Andrew Breitbart. Continue reading

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GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

Where else but in the political arena of 21st century America could we find a female conservative contender for the presidency, a progressive lesbian activist, and a gay conservative organization all coming together at the interesting online intersection of the Daily Caller, a conservative news site. Continue reading

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Gay Inc. Missing in Action

When Sarah Palin this past week gave the nod to the inclusion of GOProud at the annual CPAC gathering in Washington, DC, you’d have thought that every gay advocacy group in America might have deigned to notice and acknowledge this very eyebrow-raising event. Continue reading

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Ann Coulter and GOProud

GOProud, the national organization representing gay and lesbian conservatives, announced that Ann Coulter will headline their first annual HomoCon event in New York City on Saturday, September 25th. Continue reading

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