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At Christmas, Don’t Let the Atheistic Grinches Get You Down

Christmas time in America has turned into the season of angry atheistic assaults on Christian beliefs and long-held traditions. From the desecration of church manger scenes to the spit-in-their-faces facade of a giant billboard in Times Square, the march against ‘myths’ seems ever on the move. Ain’t it amazing though that these spoiled spawns of Western Civilization, these godless crusaders living off the bountiful capital created by 1,500 years of a Christian-based culture, would thumb their noses at the very source of their abundant wealth?

But not all upwardly mobile men and women have become enamored of the atheistic trendiness of today. There may be a mocking billboard hulking over downtown New York City, but there’s also another banner that is being quietly raised across this bustling metropolis of Anything Goes. Continue reading

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Bill Maher Compares Islam and Christian Fundamentalism

In any Islamic outpost around the globe, Bill Maher and his applauding audience would find themselves with hacked off heads in such enlightened societal havens as Saudi Arabia, with ripped apart limbs in such progressive places as Pakistan, and with very sore rumps from those gang bang rehabilitation cells in such liberally acclaimed towers of modernity as Turkey. Continue reading

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It’s Tim Tebow Time

The Denver Broncos are playing the Minnesota Vikings this afternoon and Tim Tebow, NFL quarterback, out-and-out Christian, and home-schooled homeboy is once again front and center. Whatever anyone may think about his athletic skills or his ability to throw the ball, Tim Tebow has shaken up professional football. The controversial Christian sports figure has garnered much criticism for the very public displays of his evangelical faith. From kneeling in prayer on the playing field to etching bible verses into his eye black, Tebow has raised the hackles of the oh so politically correct. But despite the flack, this unapologetic Christian quarterback has delivered on excitement, wins, and achievements. Continue reading

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