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Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

Other than a couple of Republican politicians, the only voices being raised in the defense of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk imprisoned, yes, let me say that again, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage license to two gay men, have been the queer voices of lesbians and gays. Yep, it seems only us homos care enough about the injustice being done in Kentucky to open our political mouths and express a little outrage. Now ain’t that a sweet Come to Jesus conservative irony. Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and Lolo Jones: Two Faces of American Eve

Ms. Fluke may be hustling on the road campaigning for the Progressive-in-Chief and the Democrats may see sexual Sandy as a big political asset to be hawk to the liberal masses, but make no mistake, it is Lolo Jones, who in her exuberant yet unassuming way, is transforming the image of American womanhood. Continue reading

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Christian Charity Can Only Go So Far

A Religious Giggle for this Sunday Afternoon Continue reading

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Joyce Meyer: From Power to Pragmatism

I discovered Joyce Meyer about thirteen years ago while channel surfing one early morning. Certainly the sight of a woman preacher caught my curiosity as did the sound of her raucous and, at times, ranting voice. This Joyce Meyer of the 1990s was a very different model from the media manufactured doyenne of today. Continue reading

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