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Parachuting the Durbin Climate Conference

The Chicken Little climate change catastrophe faithful have been meeting in Durbin, South Africa to discuss even more ways to hijack the world’s economy and create their primitive progressive paradise based on the corrupt concept of carbon credits. But a few innovative activists from CFACT decided to have the heavens rain down some common sense upon this fanatical gathering of medieval minds. What a great skydiving stunt. Continue reading

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Chicken Little and the Nuclear Nitwits

As the Henny Pennys, Goosey Looseys, and Turkey Lurkeys throw up their hands in open-mouthed hysteria over the nuclear reactor damage at the Japanese power plants, the calmly informed voices of those who are actually in the nuclear know are ignorantly ignored. Continue reading

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Progressive Cranks and the Gaia Gestapo

Where oh where have those liberals gone wrong? Where oh where have they erred? The answers to these sing-song questions are nicely summarized by Fred Siegel in his article Progressives Against Progress. Continue reading

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