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Resurgence of Traditional Catholicism: The Latin Mass

Passion Week is upon us. And this holiest of holy weeks of the Christian calendar is a very fitting time to acknowledge the undercurrents of change that are sweeping through the deep catacombs of the Catholic Church. Change that signals a return to ancient tradition and a resurgence of core Catholic beliefs. Continue reading

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Nun Pleads Guity to Voter Fraud: A Little Nunsense from the Left

It would appear that even a 25-year membership in a Catholic religious order coupled with a distinguished Deanship at a Catholic college can’t cleanse the political soul of some of these holier-than-thou Lefty Fraus.

Sister Marguerite Kloos, member of the Sisters of Charity and the Dean of Arts and Humanities at the College of Mount St. Joseph located in suburban Cincinnati, stated that she would plead guilty to the charge of illegal voting. Last November, Sister Marge not only cast her own ballot in that hard-fought presidential election, she also pulled the Obama lever a second time in devout remembrance of one of her dearly departed colleagues.
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Test of Fire: Catholics Called to Witness

I think the video makes it pretty clear what voting for one’s conscience means for the Catholic Church and that is obviously a vote for Romney. Of course, all us queers are supposed to scream Hate, Hate, Hate, because the video calls for a reinforcement of marriage and not a redefinition of the institution. But quite frankly, after starting out as a gay marriage supporter, I have come to the hard-bitten conclusion that supporting traditional marriage is a commonsense thing to do. Continue reading

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Kathleen Sebelius: The Hydra Gets Heckled

The invitation from Georgetown to a pro-abortion harridan from the Obama White House who arrogantly thwarts the free expression of the Catholic Church’s religious principles just goes to show how rotted the foundation of American Catholicism has become. Continue reading

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Liberal Nuns: Moving Beyond Jesus

When a major Catholic conference of American women religious features a keynote speaker who touts the marvelous mental miracle of moving beyond Jesus, wouldn’t you say it was high time for such holier-than-thou harridans to hit the road? If an American nun can no longer support the essential theological element of the spiritual faith that is supposed to sustain her, then it seems pretty darn clear to me that this twisted sister has ceased to be a true believing Christian let alone a Catholic one. Continue reading

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The Catholic Church and ObamaCare

There’s an old adage that goes something like, if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up with fleas. Well, the American Catholic Church has been enjoying a long lay about with that unconstitutional hound dog of healthcare chicanery known as ObamaCare, and now, much to their horrified surprise, the Church leaders are finding themselves infested with a very bad case of Big Government cooties. Continue reading

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‘Piss Christ’ Exhibit Vandalized

The world of garbage art is now a little less trashier. On Palm Sunday in the city of Avignon, France, the Piss Christ exhibit, a depiction of a crucifix immersed in a urine-filled glass, was vandalized by several young men armed with a hammer and a screwdriver. The plexiglass shield protecting the anti-Christian display was smashed and the photograph slashed. Continue reading

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