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Beating Your Wife a Bestseller in Toronto

A popular book on sale at a Toronto bookshop up in the sophisticated multicultural climes of Canada has some very patriarchal advice for the typical married Muslim pair. A Gift for the Muslim Couple authored by Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi offers some intriguing medieval gems of worldly wisdom for the husbands of recalcitrant wives. Continue reading

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Honor Killing: It’s a Canadian Family Affair

A Canadian jury on Sunday found the Shafia family guilty of murdering their three teenage daughters and the father’s co-wife back in 2009. Mohammad Shafia and his second wife, Tooba, murdered their three teenage daughters, aged 19, 17, and 13-years old and Mohammad Shafia’s first wife, Rona Mohammed, 52 years old. Assisting them in this grisly family affair was their son, 21-year old, Hamed. Continue reading

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Canada Kicks the Kyoto Habit

Good news for the sake of sanity and common sense and for our Canadian compatriots up north. Peter Kent, Canada’s Environmental Minister, announced today that Canada is pulling out of the Kyoto Climate Change Accords. And in so doing, the Canucks become the first country to walk out on the man-made global Green scheme. Continue reading

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Canadian Healthcare: It’s all about the Wait, Eh!

With the advent of the 112th US Congress at hand and its presumed focus on that distended extravaganza called Obamacare , I thought it would be interesting to see how our Canadian cousins in the Land of the Enlightened Proletariat were getting along up there in universal healthcare heaven. Continue reading

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