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Your First Time: The ‘Lose Your Virginity to Obama’ Parody

Vote for More Free Crap! Yes, inevitably, there is a Youtube video parody of the Lena Dunham ‘lose your voting viriginity to Barack Obama’ campaign ad. All thanks to Steven Crowder. Continue reading

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Obama to Women: Lose Your Virginity to ME!

If you want to know just how warped the Democrat party and its progressive fornication free-for-all has become, just watch this one minute Obama campaign ad. The child-like immaturity of the woman presented in the ad goes hand-in-hand with the silly sexualizing of the very grown-up act of voting. Continue reading

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Black America Needs Mitt Romney

Black Americans Need Opportunity NOT Dependency Continue reading

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Battle of the Campaign Ads: Romney Scores Another Hit

Ain’t it grand to see aggressive, smart, and effective battle tactics coming from the Republican Party? My gosh, after having to live through the bumbling brainless vaudeville routine of the McCain campaign back in 2008, it is so energizing to witness the kind of kick-butt operation that Mitt Romney is putting together. Keep it coming, boys and girls. Continue reading

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New Romney Ad Exposes the Real 1%

Let Them Eat Cake! Just two lucky unwashed hoi polloi will win the chance to sup at the same table as the Obama court jesters. Yes, you may be unemployed, yes, you may have a foreclosure notice looming like the sword of Damocles hanging overhead, but hell’s bells, the Obama reelection campaign is offering you pathetic peasants a sumptuous free meal for two! Continue reading

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President Romney On Day One

Day One of Romney’s presidency can’t come fast enough. Continue reading

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GOProud Launches Political Ads

GOProud is stepping into the 2010 election fracas with their own political ad campaign. Targeting Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi, GOProud will be hitting the airwaves with a 30-second smack at these dysfunctional Democrats Continue reading

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