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Neshaminy Teachers’ Union Goes on Strike

The Neshaminy Teachers Union in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has called for a strike beginning Monday, January 9th. This public sector union with its arrogant and recalcitrant leadership is notorious for its greedy get all mentality. Continue reading

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Teachers Union Develops PowerPoint Intimidation Strategy

For those poor overpaid teachers in the Neshaminy School District in Bucks County PA, life is so very frustrating and so very unfair! Unable to get the School Board to bow to their wishes and continue with the fairy tale salaries, endless pay raises, absolutely free healthcare, and fewer and fewer hours of actual work, these six-figure proletariate have resorted to some pretty petty, mean-spirited approaches to getting their own way. From refusing to attend Back To School Nights to threatening to withhold college admission recommendations for their students, the Neshaminy teachers have stomped out their temper tantrums to no avail. Continue reading

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